Affordable Devices

Need a computer or tablet? Below you will find links to organizations that provide affordable computers to low-income families and individuals. 

Digital Literacy

Access to the internet is a necessity and has the potential to improve the quality of your life. Now that you are connected learn how to use the internet for schoolwork, job-hunting, managing your finances, and looking for benefits that can save your family money. 

Below is a list of resources to learn how to navigate through the internet. 

Other Family Resources

In addition to programs and services offered by California’s United Ways, other health, education and income support programs are available for low-income families. Click here to learn more.

Unlock a world of possibilities!

Access to the Internet is crucial in everyday life. It’s used to complete homework, search for and apply for jobs, connect with family and friends and access government programs. Unfortunately, many low-income and minority households do not have high-speed Internet at home. Find out if you qualify for low cost internet service by inserting your zip code above.

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